Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sale


The listing of products on our website constitutes an invitation to the Customer to make a purchase proposal, and such proposal will have contractual value. Once made, it implies complete knowledge and acceptance of the conditions set out in the regulation below. The contract is considered concluded upon acceptance of the proposal by ADERFIA SRL.

The images in the multimedia catalog, accompanying the technical sheet of the products, may not perfectly represent their features, as manufacturers have the opportunity to make product improvements at any time without any obligation of notice.

The actual finishes of the variants indicated in the product sheets may slightly differ in shade due to the video settings used by the customer.

1. Company Data

Products purchased on www.pentolo.com are sold directly by ADERFIA SRL, duly registered with the companies register with VAT Number 04761680752.

ADERFIA SRL has its registered office at Via Matteotti 6, Serrano (LE).

2. Acceptance of Sales Conditions and General Terms

The contract established between ADERFIA SRL and the Customer is considered concluded with the acceptance of the order by ADERFIA SRL. Such acceptance is considered silent unless otherwise communicated in any way to the Customer after ADERFIA SRL verifies the order. By placing an online, phone, or email order, the Customer declares to have reviewed and fully accepted the general sales and payment conditions described below.

The Customer must retain these general sales conditions as required by art.50 and following of the D.Igs206/05.

3. Purchase Procedure

Customers can purchase the products listed in the electronic catalog on the website www.pentolo.com, as described in their respective informational technical sheets or in email communications, also following contacts with ADERFIA SRL sales staff, who can send personalized quotes to the Customer, including sales prices, transport costs, payment methods, items on order, delivery address, and corresponding VAT.
The payment receipt is confirmed by ADERFIA SRL via an email sent to the email address provided by the Customer. This confirmation message will report the order number, order date, billing details and merchandise recipient, detailed itemized products with their prices including VAT.
Only once the payment from the Customer is received will ADERFIA SRL initiate the shipment phases.
Any notice of non-acceptance of the order due to product unavailability and/or longer delivery times than those indicated in the quote/product sheet will be promptly communicated to the customer, by phone or email. In such cases, the Customer can, alternatively, change the product, wait for availability in the newly communicated times, or cancel the order, requesting a refund for any amount already paid.
The Customer’s right to damage compensation is excluded, as well as any contractual or non-contractual liability for direct or indirect damages to persons and/or property, caused by the non-acceptance, even partial, of an order.
Any changes to already confirmed orders may not be guaranteed and will eventually be authorized by ADERFIA SRL based on the shipment’s progress status.

4. Shipments and Deliveries

Purchases made on www.pentolo.com are delivered via national and international couriers to the delivery address specified during the order.
In some cases, to be individually verified, the customer is also given the opportunity to collect the ordered material directly at the operational headquarters of ADERFIA SRL, with no shipping charges.
During the order procedure, ADERFIA SRL issues a suitable document accompanying the shipped material, while the invoice will be sent to the email address previously communicated by the Customer. For issuing these documents, the information provided by the Customer at the time of the order is authoritative. After the invoice is issued, it will not be possible to make variations.
Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight of the goods and the destination.

NB: The company reserves the right to evaluate each individual order to determine shipping costs in the case of bulky goods.

The estimate is non-binding and does not lead to the conclusion of the order unless confirmed.

All orders are subject to availability checks and acceptance.

All import duties required by the destination country of the goods are borne by the Customer.
The Customer can communicate any detail deemed necessary so that the courier can reach the delivery location, reporting in the order notes or through an email to info@pentolo.com before the goods are shipped from the warehouses.
Standard delivery is made at street level.
National and international couriers make deliveries from Monday to Friday, during normal working hours set and indicated by them, and cannot be dictated by ADERFIA SRL.
No responsibility can be attributed to ADERFIA SRL due to delivery delays attributable to the designated transporter.
Products are packed with durable materials suitable for ensuring optimal protection during transport.
In case of receiving goods showing evident tampering and/or breakages of packaging, the customer must accept the goods with “RESERVATION OF CONTENT CHECK FOR DAMAGED PACKAGING”, personally describing the damage in detail on all copies of the courier’s delivery receipts and affixing the wording “PACKAGE NOT INTEGRAL” when unloading the goods.
Once transport damage is ascertained, the customer is required to report it to ADERFIA SRL within 8 (eight) working days from receipt of the goods via email, complete with photographic documentation of packaging and damaged goods.
If, for any reason, the Customer does not follow the above instructions in this contract, they will not be able to subsequently claim any shortages or damages caused by the transporter.

5. Delivery Times

ADERFIA SRL commits to respect the delivery times indicated in the quotation, trying to anticipate them. Under no circumstances can delivery times be considered binding on the part of the customer concerning the conclusion of the contract entered into with ADERFIA SRL. Delivery times can be verified by the customer with ADERFIA SRL’s operators at any time by telephone or e-mail. Any changes in delivery times indicated in the product sheet, quotation, or provided by email or phone that cannot be identified at the time of order, but only during the preparation phases, will be promptly communicated as soon as ADERFIA SRL becomes aware of them. In any case, they cannot be considered by the customer for claims for compensation or indemnity or any contractual or extra-contractual liability for direct or indirect damages to persons and/or things.

6. Payment Methods

The prices listed on the product sheet of items that can be ordered online or in quotations and related shipping costs are always excluding VAT.

Following the purchase process, the customer can select the following payment methods:

a. PayPal: PayPal is one of the most used payment systems in the world. By choosing this method, you can make the payment through your personal PayPal account upon completion of the transaction.

b. Advance bank transfer: payment by advance bank transfer requires acceptance and validity of the order only after payment has been made by the customer and ADERFIA SRL has unequivocally received the bank transfer. The details for making the transfer are communicated on the order confirmation page at the end of the online procedure or in the quote sent to the customer. The bank transfer’s reason must indicate the order number, name, and surname of the order interested party, and a copy of the accounting must be sent by email to info@pentolo.com.

7. Right of Withdrawal

To exercise this right, the customer must inform ADERFIA SRL within 8 working days from the date of receipt of the goods (Insert the name, geographical address, and if available, the telephone and fax number and email address) of his decision to withdraw from the contract with a clear statement (e.g., letter sent by post, fax, or email to info@pentolo.com) stating the intention to exercise the right of withdrawal and indicating the order number, invoice number, code and quantity of items, whether the withdrawal is partial (only in case of purchase of multiple items) or total, and bank details to receive the refund transfer (Iban code of the invoice holder). The goods must be returned intact in the original packaging properly sealed, complete in all its parts (including packaging, internal protections, external protections, wooden pallets, and any documentation and accessory equipment: manuals, installation equipment, etc.) to the address indicated by ADERFIA SRL via courier appointed by the customer. Return shipping costs are borne by the customer. ADERFIA SRL, after verifying the integrity of the goods, will proceed within 60 days from the return to credit the value of the product(s), retaining only the amount of shipping costs, additional services, and any cash on delivery costs incurred for the delivery of the goods to the customer and indicated on the accompanying invoice. The right applies to the entire purchased product; it is not possible to exercise withdrawal only on part of the product. Shipping for the return of the material, until confirmation of receipt in our warehouse, is entirely the responsibility of the customer. In the event of damage to the goods during return transport, ADERFIA SRL will notify the customer of the incident (within 8 working days of receipt of the goods), allowing them to promptly report it to the courier chosen by them and obtain compensation for the value of the goods (if insured); in this case, the product will be made available to the customer for its return, and the request for withdrawal and, therefore, reimbursement will be canceled. ADERFIA SRL is not responsible in any way for damage or theft/loss of goods returned by non-insured shipments by the customer. The right of withdrawal is totally lost if the essential condition of the integrity of the goods is missing. If the right of withdrawal is lost, the goods will remain available to the customer for collection at their expense. The right of withdrawal CANNOT be exercised in the case of the supply of custom-made or clearly personalized goods. It is the exclusive prerogative of ADERFIA SRL to grant exceptions to the above rules.

8. Guarantees

The products sold by ADERFIA SRL are covered by a conventional 12-month warranty, pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/05. Under the Legislative Decree 206/05, the warranty applies to the product that has a conformity defect, provided that the product itself has been used correctly in accordance with its intended use. The product, which during the warranty period proves to be defective, will be repaired free of charge at the headquarters of ADERFIA SRL. The customer is obliged to return/send back the item to the ADERFIA SRL headquarters (shipping costs borne by the customer).

In the event that the customer cannot return/send back the item to the ADERFIA SRL headquarters, at their own responsibility, they can use a specialized service center for the repair, which will have to provide ADERFIA SRL with a repair estimate and, at the end of the intervention (possibly also sending replacement parts from ADERFIA SRL), a final declaration of repair of the fault and good functioning of the machine, confirmed by the customer’s written endorsement (All maintenance and repair costs are borne by the customer).

The Customer is required to check the goods and its functioning within 8 days of delivery. Any defects already present at the time of material delivery must be communicated to ADERFIA SRL within 8 days of receiving it via email at info@pentolo.com, indicating the article code, details, and photographs of the identified defect. If ADERFIA SRL is unable to provide the Customer with a warranty product (restored or replaced), it may proceed with its consensual replacement with a product of similar or superior features to the disputed one or the refund of the amount paid taking into account the use of the asset. The product under warranty must be returned by the Customer in the original packaging, properly sealed, complete in all its parts. The Customer will take care of the organization of the return transportation of the goods to ADERFIA SRL. ADERFIA SRL itself will provide for the delivery of the replacement/repaired goods under warranty. The customer is required to keep the original packaging and all supplementary documentation of the purchased products until the expiration of the product warranty terms.

ADERFIA SRL does not guarantee damages caused by incorrect use of the article (follow the instructions in the user manual).

Upon unloading the goods, it is always necessary to:

EXPRESS A RESERVATION: the package is accepted but before signing the document, the Customer must write “Accepted with reservation”, specifying as much as possible the damage found and if the package is not intact, write at the time of unloading “PACKAGE NOT INTACT”. Once the package is opened and the damage assessed, compensation can be quickly obtained for the damage suffered.

REJECT DAMAGED GOODS: when it is not possible to accept the package with reservation or if the damage is visible without opening the package.

In any case, the Customer is required to report the damage within 8 days of delivery. Otherwise, ADERFIA SRL will not be responsible for any damage.

9. Jurisdiction

Our Sales Contracts are governed by the laws of the Italian Republic. For any dispute related to or arising from the ongoing Contract or its execution, the Lecce Court will have exclusive jurisdiction.

The Customer is required to keep a copy of these “general sales and purchase conditions” in paper or electronic form valid at the time of signing the remote contract (receiving the customer order).