Eating together is good for you

It helps you strengthen family bonds, build relationships, get in touch with others and celebrate the moments we cherish with the people we love. This is why gathering around a table and sharing a meal is a collective ritual shared by every culture in the world.

Design Italiano 100%

Everybody at the table, and the

Show cooking

you do it

Design Italiano 100%

At the dining table

there’s room for everyone


Design Italiano 100%

Thanks to its generous size, the stainless steel tilting pan Pentolo gives you the freedom to express your craving for company, with no limits. Selecting guests is a task that nobody enjoys. However, with Pentolo you can cook for as many as 80 people, so the more guests you bring to the table, the more fun it will be for everyone.

Pentolo is the giant pan that can’t be missed in your kitchen for 5 reasons:

It is designed to cook, season and serve any type of dish, directly from a single place. Because no longer will you have to stress about cleaning dozens of pots, pans, and casseroles.

The size of the pan allows you to invite up to 80 guests. Because you don’t have to limit your desire to get together with friends, relatives and acquaintances.

After using it, you can wash and disassemble it quickly, so it is ready to be reused when needed. Because an extra guest is always welcome in your home.

It is the ideal tool to use for lunches and dinners in gardens, verandas, cloisters and terraces. Because a barbecue doesn’t always satisfy everyone.

The tilting system makes it a sauté pan with a high visual impact. Because cooking is conviviality, but also involvement and entertainment.


Italian Patent
EEC Certification

Patent NO. 2
Title: pan and its support for cooking and spadellare spaghetti, linguine all’italiana, risotto and food of various kinds.
Patent number 0000275988
Type: M. Utility

EEC Certification
Title: Certified according to Directive 2009/142/EC gas appliances 1312CO5800


About love

If cooking is the core of your life, Pentolo is the core of your cooking.


Design Italiano 100%




Front view

Pot diameter: Ø 50 cm

Side view



Our artisanal and industrial production allows us to create totally custom models of the Pentolo. Describe us any details or variations you would like for your pot, we will be happy to create your unique version.

Pentolo® Superior

Pentolo® Superior

1,200 IVA incl.