Any time is a good time to party

Great moments are meant to be shared. Eating together is the best way to celebrate big and small achievements of life. As they say: any time is a good time to party. So, let us help you make these moments even greater, more unique and spectacular with a tool that takes your cooking to the next level.

Design Italiano 100%

La nuova



Design Italiano 100%

In three words:

Food. Show. Fun.

Design Italiano 100%

Pentolo is the most versatile, powerful and spectacular Cooking Station ever designed. Its giant pan allows you to professionally cook any type of recipe for over 100 people, in complete autonomy and without any effort. The tilting effect engages your guests, turning a simple daily gesture into a master chef’s spectacular cooking show.

Pentolo has everything you need to celebrate every milestone in your life as if it were the most important.

  • Forget the usual barbecue and unlock your creativity. Cooking for 100 people is as easy as it is fulfilling and engaging.
  • Take advantage of the large console to keep all the tools you need to prepare and serve your best dishes at hand.
  • Leave your guests speechless not just for what you cook, but for how you cook it. Amaze them with an haute cuisine cooking show.

Italian Patent
EEC Certification

Patent NO. 2
Title: pan and its support for cooking and spadellare spaghetti, linguine all’italiana, risotto and food of various kinds.
Patent number 0000275988
Type: M. Utility

EEC Certification
Title: Certified according to Directive 2009/142/EC gas appliances 1312CO5800


Its limit? Your imagination

A birthday party in the garden, a summer dinner on the veranda, a seafood spaghetti dinner for tourists in the farmhouse, an end-of-harvest lunch on the farm, or a lavish party in the open deck of your boat. You just need to choose the place and the occasion. We give you the best tool to make that moment unforgettable. Pentolo is the best gift for those who, like you, know how to make important moments in life special.


Design Italiano 100%



Front view

Pot diameter: Ø 80 cm

Side view



Our artisanal and industrial production allows us to create totally custom models of the Pentolo. Describe us any details or variations you would like for your pot, we will be happy to create your unique version.

Pentolo® Premium

Pentolo® Premium

1,950 IVA incl.