Perfect events are remembered for the quality of food served

What makes the difference between just another party and an unforgettable event is not the location or the music entertainment, it is the right menu. For this reason, every organizational effort risks being for nought if not supported by a top-level service, which makes your guests feel at the centre of attention.

Design Italiano 100%

The workstation that



Design Italiano 100%

The time you take to serve your guests

is the care you're devoting to them

Design Italiano 100%


Pentolo gives you the freedom to make your guests feel engaged and welcome. Its giant stainless steel pan allows you to cook for 120 people, without creating tedious waits or requiring particular efforts during preparation. And it guarantees a high quality of food, and a unique culinary show.

Its design combines all the essential characteristics in a single product you need for a successful event:

It can be easily installed in any location, so you need to think only about what really matters that day: everyone’s satisfaction and enjoyment.

Forged in high-level catering, it is the only tool that allows you to cook and serve any recipe for 120 people, so you never need to compromise on the quality of service you choose.

The original tilting system makes Pentolo a professional, highly scenic sauté pan, offering you the possibility to involve the cooking as an active part of your event.


Italian Patent
EEC Certification

Patent NO. 2
Title: pan and its support for cooking and spadellare spaghetti, linguine all’italiana, risotto and food of various kinds.
Patent number 0000275988
Type: M. Utility

EEC Certification
Title: Certified according to Directive 2009/142/EC gas appliances 1312CO5800


Pamper your guests and make your event unforgettable

Any wait, even a very short one, can make the difference between a perfect event and a bad memory. Taking care of guests is your most important goal, because their satisfaction is also your satisfaction. We never forget it. Now you must not forget it yourself.

The success of an event lies in the efficiency with which the menu is prepared and served. Pentolo is the key to this efficiency.


Design Italiano 100%




Front view

Pot diameter: Ø 120 cm

Side view



Our artisanal and industrial production allows us to create totally custom models of the Pentolo. Describe us any details or variations you would like for your pot, we will be happy to create your unique version.

Pentolo® Event

Pentolo® Event

4,750 IVA incl.